Structure - how it fits together

xmlDOM is composed of three cooperating classes:

A program that would interact with the DOM should do something akin to the following to create a workable situation:

      builder = .dom1Builder~new                     -- create the DOM builder
      parser = .xmlParser~new(builder)               -- create the XML parser
      xmlFile = "something.xml"                      -- a proper XML file
      xml = .stream~new(xmlFile)                     -- make it suppliable for the parser
      dom = parser~parseStream(xmlFile)              -- get the DOM from the parser
      document = dom~documentElement                 -- retrieve the document
      elements = document~getrElementsByTagName("*") -- get all elements in the DOM
      elementArray = elements~toOorexxArray          -- convert to ooRexx array
      ::requires 'xmlDOM.cls'

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