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loadExternalMethod (Class Method)


Resolves a native method in an external library package and returns a Method object instance that can used to call the external method. The [descriptor] is a string containing blank-delimited tokens that identify the location of the native method. function. The first token identifies the type of native function and must be "LIBRARY". The second token must identify the name of the external library. The external library is located using platform-specific mechanisms for loading libraries. For Unix-based systems, the library name is case-sensitive. The third token is optional and specifies the name of the method within the library package. If not specified, [name] is used. The method name is not case sensitive. If the target method cannot be resolved, .nil is returned.

Method class - loadExternalMethod method

method = .Method~loadExternalMethod("homeAddress=", 'LIBRARY mylib setHomeAddress')

Read Me - Common Public License V1.0 - Copyright Notice(©)