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Associates entry name [name] (translated to uppercase) with method [method] . Thus, the object returns the result of running [method] when you access this entry. This occurs when you specify [name] on the at, entry, or remove method. This method replaces any existing item or method for [name] .

You can specify the name "UNKNOWN" as [name] . Doing so supplies a method that is run whenever an at() or entry() message specifies a name for which no item or method exists in the collection. This method's first argument is the specified directory index. This method has no effect on the action of any hasEntry, hasIndex, items, remove, or supplier message sent to the collection.

The [method] can be a string containing a method source line instead of a method object. Alternatively, an array of strings containing individual method lines can be passed. In either case, an equivalent method object is created.

If you omit [method] , setMethod() removes the entry with the specified [name] .

Read Me - Common Public License V1.0 - Copyright Notice(©)