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Causes the receiver class to inherit the instance and class methods of the class object [classobj] . The [classpos] is a class object that specifies the position of the new superclass in the list of superclasses. (You can use the [superClasses] method to return the immediate superclasses.)

The new superclass is inserted in the search order after the specified class. If the [classpos] class is not found in the set of superclasses, an error is raised. If you do not specify [classpos] , the new superclass is added to the end of the superclasses list.

Inherited methods can take precedence only over methods defined at or above the base class of the [classobj] in the class hierarchy. Any subsequent change to the instance methods of [classobj] takes immediate effect for all the classes that inherit from it.

The new superclass [classobj] must be created with the [mixinClass] option of the ::CLASS directive or the [mixinClass] method and the base class of the [classobj] must be a direct superclass of the receiver object. The receiver must not already descend from [classobj] in the class hierarchy and vice versa.

The method search order of the receiver class after [inherit] is the same as before [inherit], with the addition of [classobj] and its superclasses (if not already present).


  1. You cannot change the classes that Rexx provides by sending inherit messages.
  2. The inherit method is a protected method.

Class class - inherit method


Read Me - Common Public License V1.0 - Copyright Notice(©)