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Thanks to Lindsay Huffman-Dilks:

Peel (like a potato) the zest of the skins of 12 large fragrant lemons while they are still greenish/yellow.
(Avoid the bitter white bit, just take the colored yellow/green skin from the very outer layer of the peel.)

Soak them in 2 liters of grain alcohol (or vodka) ~ the hardest white liquor you can find.
The Italians call it “alcool” for 12 days.

After 12 days, drain the alcool (which should smell lovely at this point) and blend with 2 liters of sugar water
(dissolve the sugar in warm water~ do not boil) 1600 g of sugar in 2 liters~

Vary amounts of sugar water to lemon alcool to taste~ but don’t “taste” too much!

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